Sharing Marketing Insights on Full Circle Music Show

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, the Full Circle Music Show by Seth Mosley and X O'Connor is one of my favorite podcasts.

seth mosley and x o'connor.jpg

I was recently invited to be a guest on the podcast. It was a lot of fun getting a tour of their studio and then sitting down with them to talk about my journey of starting worship resources and self-learning marketing and owning a company. We also went live on Instagram, impromptu, during the interview and I got to answer questions about marketing from the live viewers. 

Take a listen to the interview here:

(view the show notes on the Full Circle website)

If you have comments/feedback, I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or shoot me an email.

Friends With Wisdom: 005 From Loss Prevention to Music Production - Sean Hill

Meet Sean Hill...Sean is a songwriter, producer, and worship leader in Atlanta, GA. Sean talks about how he planned on loss prevention being his career, but God was leading him on a different be a songwriter and producer full-time. And, the step of faith and hard work that it required. He also shares about he and his wife being told by doctors that they cannot have any children to now expecting their third child!


Friends with Wisdom: 003 From Corporate Trainer to National Radio Host - Carlos Aguiar

carlos aguiar - carlos and joy

Meet Carlos Aguiar...Carlos is the co-host of Carlos & Joy, a nationally syndicated afternoon radio show on WAY-FM. He shares so many great stories from his journey: 

-He talks about a time when a mentor told him he didn't have what it takes to be on radio, but instead of throwing in the towel, he used it as motivation to work harder.

-He was told to change his name in order to host a radio show because it's an ethnic name and doesn't fit the Christian radio audience.

-Carlos also shares honestly about what he sees as issues with today's Christian radio and music.

-He shares about challenges he faced as he remarried and what God taught him through that.

Here's the video of Carlos that we talk about on the podcast!

Friends With Wisdom: 002 From CCM Fan to the Dove Awards - Justin Fratt

Justin Fratt is the Director of Operations at the Gospel Music Association (GMA) - the nonprofit organization behind the Dove Awards, GMA Immerse Conference, Gospel Music Hall of Fame, and so much more.

Justin shares his story of being a Christian music "nerd" to being an intern to now playing a key role at GMA and bringing the Christian music industry together. He also shares a suspenseful, yet hilarious, story of a time when he had to be courageous...and save his wife from kidnappers?

Justin Fratt.jpg

Friends with Wisdom: 001 From Arkansas to Nashville - Morgan Shirey

morgan shirey

From beauty pageants to dancing to working in Christian music... On this episode, Wisdom is joined by Morgan Shirey. She works at Integrity Music (a Christian record label in Nashville), as well as doing photography and makeup. Morgan shares how she grew up in a small town in Arkansas and how God guided her in her journey to where she is now.