Life is full of changes

As I reflect back on this past 12 months, it’s hard to believe all the different changes I’ve experienced in my own life. From relationships to business, it’s been a season of some significant changes.

As much I tend to actually enjoy change, especially the positive kind, change can still be hard. It takes a toll on you. This past year I’ve probably experienced more relationship changes than any other season in my life.

I’ve also experienced a ton of growth as an entrepreneur and leader. Growth is so great but sometimes can be so painful.

I feel like I am experiencing growing pains in so many ways.

If you’re experiencing change in your life, whether it’s relationships or in your career, be encouraged. Be open to change and allow God to use this season to grow you, draw you closer to Him, and to filter out things in your life that may be preventing you from a relationship with Him that He so longs to have with you.