Turn Off Your Smartphone Notifications

4:05am - notification for new mail for work
6:31am - notification for new comment on Facebook
8:27am - notification for new like on Instagram

Sound familiar?

I’ve found over the recent years that notifications on my iPhone are one of the biggest distractions in my life. If I had notifications turned on for every app on my phone, I would literally be distracted by new notifications multiple times per minute.

So, a while back I decided to turn off notifications for most things…because my life cannot revolve around notifications for new emails, new comments, new videos, etc. 


There are only a handful of apps I have notifications turned on for: 
-phone calls (obviously)
-text messages (obviously)
-FaceTime (obviously)
-Reminders (because I ask Siri to remind me of stuff)
-Google Calendar (so I don’t miss meetings/events)
-Verizon (in case our data is running low, I’d like to be notified)

The first three are the only apps that I have sound alerts enabled.

There are numerous studies out there about the negative effects of notifications and social media. Here are just two of them I found. You can find many more just by Googling “how phone notifications affect our brain”.

-Why We're All Addicted to Texts, Twitter and Google
-How the brain hard-wires us to love Google, Twitter, and texting. And why that's dangerous.

One other crazy thing I did the other day is delete both Facebook and Twitter apps from my phone. If you know me well and you’re reading this, you’re probably shocked.

More and more, I’m realizing how much of a distraction social media can be (as well as any other app on your phone).

As I enter 2018, I want to be focused, not distracted. Purposeful, not aimless. I want to pursue the things of God more than ever before. I want to make each day count.